Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year!

December 28, 2010

Well Ladies and Gents!

The time has come for 2010 to go away and 2011 to come screeching in faster than I can imagine. I have spent all of the year 2010 as a missionary. We nicknamed it the "Holy Year." I am sure that 2011 will be just as good.

It is now after the holidays, so we are back and running with the work. Which is good. Sometimes it's hard to work during the holidays, and let me tell you December 26th was a hard day -- but we survived! The next day we had some really cool miracles. We tracted these apartments. We got up to the 4th floor with no one answering, or not being interested, until one door flew open and this woman was standing there. We noticed the hospital wristbands and asked her if she felt okay. She laughed and said, "I'm fine. I just had a baby. Wanna meet her?" NOTE -- We are three RANDOM strangers knocking on what we found out to be her back door and she welcomed us right in to meet a two-day old Jalissa. This happens to be my companions first name as well. We took it as a sign we were suppose to be there :) But we sat with the mom and her family for a little while and the mom wants to take the lessons! Pretty Sweet! I love Ogden!

PS We did make a gingerbread house. I told somebody that we were teaching about our competitions and she bought us a kit to build a house. The kit was not a whole lot of fun though. It limited our creativity telling us play by play what we should do and which candies we should put where. What is America coming to? Kids are not going to know how to invent anymore....Sad Day.... :)


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"There's a snake in my boots..."

September 14, 2010

First off -- a few weeks ago, like two, I get this call from the Pleasant View Sisters and they say, "Hey Sister Meldrum, do you want to have an adventure on P-Day?" And well, me, being me -- I definitely say YES! So...

I went to Pleasant View for a few hours. When we pulled up to the house, there was a 17 foot BOA in the yard...LOOSE- just snaking along and slithering in the grass like a giant worm on the sidewalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH-- I didn't sign up for this!! Yes, the monthly feeding of the snake was happening and I got to be an eye witness. Meal time was the brown fluffy bunny/full grown rabbit. Don't you fret -- snakes have to eat too!

Anyways, all the sisters held the snake, and even I got up the guts to do so as well. For the first few seconds it was ok, but then I realized I had a HUGE SNAKE around my neck and I think the picture explains it all...

So a little about Weber State...It's a rough area. It's hard OPENING an area up...nothing to go off of , etc. But the Lord has completely humbled me and I know that this is where he wants me. We have been praying SO SO SO hard to find those that are ready, and we have been working so hard and its been amazing to see how as we do so, the Lord puts us in the right path to meet those that are ready. We have several new investigator lessons this week! I am so excited! I feel the growth changing areas. I fall in love with my mission the more I am here. How greatful I am that it was within the will of God to allow me to serve.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breanna the Brave!

"This last week has been a riot and a half. It's been crazy too. Let's just start it off with a bang...I went to the hospital on Wednesday. :)

I wish I was lying, but I really am not. I totally (and when I say totally, I mean TOTALLY) crashed on my bike...Right in front of Denny's. We are running late to a lesson, and I went to move from the bike lane, on the road, to the sidewalk, and I hit the edge of the sidewalk just right so that my bike went one way and I went the other. I flew far and fast straight into the concrete. Skirt and legs in the air -- chin first. It's a miracle that my bike helmet (held together by duct tape) did its job and saved my skull. I kinda just sat there for a second and Sister Graves was freaking out -- looking for a bandaid or something. But, a bandaid wouldn't do its job on this little number. So she gave me a receipt to hold to my bloody chin and we hobbled into the Denny's bathroom. It's kind a gross, blood and black skid marks on me. I just sat down with Sister Graves on the phone, changing our appointment, calling the doctor who said to go to the hospital, and a ride to get us there. If I am ever really dying, I definitely DO NOT want it to be in a Denny's Bathroom!

I've now got some stitches. They x-rayed my hand to make sure it wasn't broken (they thought it might be, but it wasn't) and every doctor that sees me says, 'Oh they are letting sisters on bikes now?' Haha. Since it was proslyting hours, Sister Graves was contacing the nurse that was cleaning off my face. Kinda funny. I had to go to the dentist too to make sure the collision didn't move my jaw, or bite. It didn't, thank goodness.

So the moral of the story...make sure you pray before you leave the house, wear a helmet, and say lots grateful prayers. :) ALL IS WELL. And I am back on the bike. I didn't even cry through the WHOLE thing! I get the stitches out sometime this week, I think. Enjoy the pictures..."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


"So, some things I have recently learned...HUMILITY. It is so much more than saying, 'I am dirt, and I can't do this on my own.' That was my ignorant view of it before. This last transfer has taught me in a whole new light. I was reading Preach My Gospel one day during personal study and it hit me like a rock. (Some angel from heaven has a good arm, let me tell ya!) Anyways, as I read it, I realized that as we FOLLOW the will of the Lord we are showing him that we are humble. Submitting to the will of the Lord means that as I walk down the street and feel prompted to talk to someone, that I am being prideful if I don't When I do, I am showing the Lord that I trust His plan. Then the Lord is able to to provide us with more miracles. How incredible is that? Trusting on the Lord takes a lot. You really have to put aside personal fear, laziness, and lack of confidence. Turn those things over to the Lord. That is how he strengthens us. Like in Esther 12:27...that concept and idea helps me work a lot harder and better.

So in other news, Utah gardens are in full harvesting! We have enough squash to feed a small army. We really only have time to cut them up and stir fry them. But let me tell you, IT IS GOOD! Sister Graves saw a sign in the grocery store last Tuesday that made her think of me. It said, 'I don't even butter my bread because I consider that cooking!' HAHA I promise I can cook, just not on a mission. Too crazy -- no time. Don't worry, I surprisingly eat healthy. Lots of veggies, sandwiches, etc. oh and don't forget my Flintstone vitamins!

I am loving life...seriously. Mission life is the best!"

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sisters Meldrum & Martin...Both from Texas... :)
"Arise Spectacular" in Ogden

Hiking Ben Lomond

Ogden District

"So Pioneer day has come and gone. The Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo was in our area! Holla! But yes, Pioneer day with the flags and fireworks was nuts! Bigger than the 4th! But a whole lot of fun. It was pretty sweet because one of our recent converts (from TEXAS) wanted to cook us "real Texan food" for the two Texas sisters and oh boy oh boy, I have never had slow cooked pulled pork like THAT before. I was salivating from the start of dinner to the end of it. So scrumptous!!

I was listening to my music the other day and we have an "EFY" style version of "Be Still My Soul." I think that is going to be the transfer theme song. I have never really paid attention to the words in that song, yet how profound they are:

'Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side. With patience bear the cross of grief and pain. Lean to they God to order and provide. In every change, He faithful will remain.'

What a testimony that is, no matter what we are going through, no matter how we feel, in EVERY change, He (the Lord) will faithfully be there for us. He can help us and provide, He is on our side to help us out. Yes, it's true, I love that song! I need that song this transfer."

The pictures are from the Ben Lomond hike. It took us 7 hours! It was 16 miles and I don't even know how high we climbed, but it was intense. This is the mountain that Paramount Pictures uses as their logo. The other pictures are from the "Arise Spectacular." 33 Stakes of youth got together for a half-time show-- Olympics style. We got to participate. We also got to march in the 24th July Parade. President and Sister Olson rode in a car! It was all good!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Recent pictures of Sister Breanna Meldrum...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, Happy 4th of July! It's kinda funn. I feel like only in UTAH will the STATE move a NATIONAL holiday from a Sunday to a Saturday! All the state events were held on the 3rd of July. So many people also celebrated on the 5th of July, and even a small group on the 4th. I feel like it has been a dragged out three-day celebration of fireworks. I can't wait until I get some normal sleep again. But I have realized that I am in love with this holiday for multiple reasons:

  1. It is summer time and warm!!!
  2. FOOD!
  3. Fireworks!
  4. BBQ
  5. People out everywhere so we can talk to them all!
  6. Good Grub!

Yes, it is true, the best pulled pork can be found around the 4th along with tons of people out and about. ...So as good little missionaries we headed into our apartment at 9 p.m. But the unfortunate thing was IT WAS STILL LIGHT! We pretty much live in the Ritz of missionary apartments and have a small back deck that we can over see our area (on the 2nd floor!) Also, the river, where they shoot off the fireworks. So we were on our back deck looking out and planning for the next day and wondering when they were going to start shooting them off. It gets dark around 10 pm and we have to be in bed by 10:30 so we were really hoping we would get to see them, and finally they started. Much to say there were trees and street lights in the way. Not a show like "Stadium of Fire!" But still pretty sweet. I love fireworks AND we made it to bed on time. :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Breanna wearing a "Jody Dress" which she swore she would never do :) Never say Never!

"Ana got baptized Sunday, June 27th at 7 pm. It was one of the BEST baptisms in the world. She had to get dunked twice, and Sister Martin and I were standing there with a towel for her. As she came out, we gave her a huge hug,....yes it was very wet, and Ana stood there and cried. We helped her out, and we sat in the dressing room with her while she was still wet. She was so happy she couldn't move. She was crying and smiling and praising Jesus. We didn't know if she was going into shock or if she was going to faint from joy like in the Book of Mormon. But then we saw humble Ana get off the little bench and kneel on that dressing room hard tile floor. As sisters we kneeled down beside her, still wet, and Ana gave the best prayer I have ever heard. I don't know if I have ever felt the spirit stronger in my life. I wish I could capture that moment in a picture, and I have prayed that I will never forget that feeling. As she gripped Sister Martin and my hand, she looked us in the eye and said, 'Thank you, Thank you for not giving up. I had no idea h ow amazing this would feel. You are my angels.'

How humbling it was. God has blessed me so much. Why do I, selfish little Meldrum get to participate giving God's children a key to their salvation. To be able to see that, I wish I could describe it. I can only think of, 'How great will be their joy...' I have never felt joy quite like that. Pure Christlike love for someone else. A little glimpse into the Celestial Kingdom I think.

We saw Ana yesterday and she looked REALLY good! Can't stop smiling and telling everyone that she needs to go to church with her! :) I love it! I am so short of words to describe it. She has several daughters and never got to raise them and told us that we are her daughters...I said yes Ana we are! I want you to come to my wedding! And she cried! She said that she never got to go to her own daughters and this would be a iracle for her. So yes, put it on the list!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey Y'all!

We have been blessed hand over foot. We have seen 4 baptisims this weekend!!! They were all amazing and lots of fun. One girl is already at girls camp, the couple wants to know how long they have to wait until they can do baptisms in the temple, and the boy that was baptized is nervous to pass the sacrament because he might trip and fall. I didn't realize how many young boys are scared of that. I can honestly say that that thought never even crossed my mind.

Amongst the joy, Satan has been working harder to get us down. I have been emotional lately, like a teenage girl. I lost my planner, and I love my planners cause they are a super cool record of my mission, and I love the covers I made for this transfer..... and then I lost it. I still can't find it, and I am trying not to think about it because it makes me angry. Oh well, get off my back Satan.

We went hiking last P-day. I have decided that I love hiking. I now realize that I did quite a bit of it when I was at college. There was one summer in our ward in Regency when we went every weekend. It makes me want to go camping. The sister's sleepover is coming up and I want to see if we can sleep on President's deck outside instead of inside. That would be awesome!

We are working hard. There is a large hispanic population here, and a really yummy mexican bakery right around the corner. Oh, my!!! I have learned the days in spanish because every day there is a different sale on their baked goods. 4 conchas for 75 cents!! (But only on "martes") Jueves has different goodies!

Time is up, but things are good, love you bunches!
Sister Meldrum

In another previous letter.....

Hello there everyone... one and all, small and whiney, short and fat, bald and tall, happy and grumpy, sneazy, sleepy, etc....
So, I pretty much LOVE MY LIFE! Seriously! Life as a missonary in Ogden is the BEST! One of my FAVORTIE parts of my mission is meeting people I know that I would have never meet otherwise, talking about things that I would have never brought up in other situations, and laughing along side all different shapes and sizes of the children of God. We were street contacting people a few days ago and we ran into Budah, and Floosie! Yes, in the FLESH! Are you wondering who these two people are? You mean you have not hear of them??? They are "Jesus rappers". Budah is a big black guy and Floosie is a white guy who was raised mormon. Well, we get talking to these two, and they are like "Yall work for Jesus? We sing for Jesus!" and proceeded to freestyle for us. then they burned us a CD of their latest, "One True King" (AKA- Jesus). Its pretty good. Nothing like I have ever heard... Its amazing. Needless to say that we are trying to keep the listening to a minimum on the mission, but our zone leader and district leader LOVED it and asked for copies... so I guess its all good right? :)

Dad, don't you fret about the homless... Smiley has the right motives. He KNOWS its true... the sad thing is, He walked away from his baptism. It's something he has been looking forward to for such a long time and then when the time came he just didnt know how to take that step... he got scared. We have been looking for him, but its hard to find a homeless man on the streets. I have learned so much from Smiley. He is one of my favorites. He has been through alot and relies on the Lord a lot.

I am also impressed with Elder Uctdorf's talk at conference. The Story about the "can food mormons", I tend to see that in Ogden. We have had several "Ogden" trainings that talk about welfare. And weather a persons motives are Celestial or not, the Brethren have instructed us that if someone wants to get baptized and are living the commandments in order to make these promises with God, to do so. Some bishops that I have worked with question our motives... if we are only out here to "get numbers" (luckily not here in Ogden, the know welfare inside and out, and what is approriate) but in the situations there have been questions if baptism is a right step for a person, esp where recent converts become less active almost immediatly after their baptism. but stop and think about this, BAPTISM IS RIGHT FOR EVERYONE! EVERYWHERE!!! The covenant of Baptism is so important, that the Brethren have told us to proceed; and the with the watchful eye of the church the chance they these children might be "found again" are higher. God watches out for his children, and blesses them continually for making that step. Life is a road- and we ALL need to take that first step.

Other good news! We are getting TWO new sisters! We have not gotten sisters for about 6 months!!!! One spanish sister (I mean she is white- but is speaking espanol) and an english sister. HOLLA! Sister Martin and I will be staying in O-town though. Pres. already told us even though we have 1/3 of the transfer left.

Ok, I am really signing off now...
I love you! have a GREAT AND AMAZING week!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Aloha Family!

I feel bad for complaining about my toe- It made me a little tense and stressed yes- but it is feeling much better. thanks for putting it up on the blog.. :) That will be fun to look through one day. Its going to be a nice little journal.

PS- what do you mean mom milking it for all its worth to wear sandals?? You know me a little too well.... :) I am starting to wear shoes again, for as long as I can before they hurt.

But really, how is it that you know EXACTLY what I need to hear each week??? Its like little spirit rebuking. I feel like the more I am on my mission, the more I realize how much more I have to learn, to change, and really apply the gospel principles to my life. There never is a destination point when you can say "I got it!" huh?

I realize I never really tell you much about the work, and that I just pop out names when they get baptized. Those are the elect ones, I need to talk about the work more I think. There are a lot of blessings we see. A lot of things to do. This week- our district leader challenged our district to get 100 unplanned contacts as a district in a day. That means 25 per companionship. Well our normal goal is 10- so 25 seemed like alot... and we were LITERALLY running around the town- stopping EVERYONE we see to talk about Jesus. And we made our goal!!! total was 102!! It was really exciting. It cheered up our spirits, and really brought in the spirit of missionary work. That is what I want everyday! As a result of the hard work, we set up a few new investigator lessons, and found a handful of potentials. :)

Love, Sister Meldrum

It's Tuesday!

It SNOWED!!!! in APRIL!!! I think I am going into shock. The funny thing is, I am wearing sandals!!! The one time I get to wear sandals, and it snows.

I didn't preface this very well. Let me start over.

My big toe was hurting... so I had Sister Sutter and her mom who happens to be a nurse look at it. Her opinion was that I had an ingrown toenail. Yeah, that is fun. So it was off to Odgen with another sister from the mission who thought she also had an ingrown toenail. Little did we know we would be going in for "wisdom teeth EXTRACTIONS on our feet!!! I had two ingrowns and now my foot wont stop bleeding. :(

The doctor said not to wear dress shoes. I looked at him for a while, and I must have given him a weird look because all I could do was think to myself, "What am I supposed to do now? wear tennis shoes????"

I called a member in the ward and she is lending me her "Sunday sandals". Here I am in borrowed shoes in the snow with a toe that wont stop bleeding!!!! BUT, I have a smiling face. Part of me feels that I am completely useless. I feel that the work is going on without me. I only have a short time left on this mission and I cannot afford to wast time sitting on my rump! send me to Ogden! Most of the people there don't have limbs! I will fit in just fine!

The area is slow, so pray, pray, pray for peoples hearts to be softened and things to pick up. I am getting restless.... I am praying for charity with the area. Is it bad to pray for finacial unrest to humble the saints???

There have been little miracles all along the way though. That is incredible to me. Random contacts that we made, member invited, or finding a new investigator. I know they are miracles and not me doing anything, but trusting in the Lord. It is a testimony to me of the power of prayer and power in the scriptures. When you don't want to do anything, and are so tired and want to give in, you can find strength in the message that we carry, and in the name that is our our tags. How grateful and i that this is not my work, but that we get the chance to participate and to help "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

Thanks for praying for me... thanks for all you do! I really feel it's strength and know it has helped sustain and support me through hard times.

I love you guys!


Sister Meldrum


I had the opportunity to have Easter dinner with the Dave and Colleen Hunsaker. (my sister Tiffiny's in-laws) It was odd to see pictures of Tiff and Dave and kids on their wall. It would be fun if they were in my immediate area, but they are actually 2 areas away. Colleen said that she would take us to the temple on Tuesday. I told her that if she ever wanted to be a missionary that she could come out with us everyday!!! :)

I heard about Steve's man cave for General Conference. I laughed at the visual of him and Anastasia and Ereland. I wish I could still play the conference bingo games I remember playing as a kid. We made some for the kids we are teaching, hoping that their parents would let them watch conference.

I was able to go to conference!!! It was through miracle tickets we were able to attend the Sunday morning session. It was weird to cross the mission boundary and leave!!! YIKES!!! But we had permission. Next time I have the chance to go it will be my last General Conference before coming home, so I will be able to go with the mission. I will have been able to go to the conference center for each conference while on my mission. HOLLA!!! I love serving in Utah! Sunday morning was such a powerful session. There seemed to be so much testimony of our Savior. It brought a peach and comfort that I was particularly craving. There was so much I needed to hear and I am glad most of our investigators had the chance to listen to it.

Previously, we had been blessed with a lot of baptisms, but now we are in the finding stage.

On a side note, two of the investigators we are teaching decided to buy 50 chickens!!! We are helping them out, and finding others to help them with the up and coming hard work. We also helped a family move. I hate to admit it, but I am thankful for the work I had to do as a kid. It is helpful to know what to do, and just get in a do it without having to wait for someone to come and tell me what to do next.

We are staying really busy and teaching about 20 lessons a week. I continue to miss USU even though the family wards are good.

Things are going well. I love being a missionary! Love ya!

Sister Meldrum

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is SO much warmer outside of Logan!

Hello Family!

Easter? You mean there is a holiday coming up?!?! I lose track of those anymore these days. It is weird being in Syracuse. Families are everywhere! Huge houses! with Yards! and Children! and Old People! I am not at USU anymore!

I am still adjusting, and Syracuse is good, but USU campus was a totally different type of missionary work. I have no IDEA how to be effective now.

So the first day here we had a baptism. It is always fun to see those getting baptized and even though I didn't know the girl getting baptized this time, I am excited to keep teaching her and her mom. I have missed that part of teaching. Teaching families is after all what the gospel is all about.

There is a lot of work to do here. It is hard for me to see it sometimes because of all the baptisms, but we are in the "finding time". It is harder to get out unplanned contacts here too because there are not as many people on the streets as there are on a college campus. We really have to go out of our way to talk to people on the street. But with summer coming up there should be more people outside.

This new library has time limits, so my time is cut short, but I love you all, and I know that God is personally mindful of all of us. I started the Book of Mormon over again and there is such a power in that book. Please, Please never let your testimony of the Book of Mormon become static! In our complacency we will lose the value of the truth that we have! If you have not prayed about it recently, and asked God if it is true then do it! We continue to learn and grow as we do it again and again!

The Oven is on Fire Downstairs!

The day has come when I have to pack up and leave USU. It is absolutely heart breaking. I feel as if there is still so much that I can do here. I am leaving for Syracuse. President Olsen would like to make transfers a "non-event" and wants to keep people in their areas for up to 6 months.

I have been so blessed with wonderful areas so far on my mission that I am a little hesitant about Syracuse. Woods Cross is "Ghetto Fabulous" and USU has kept me on my toes with students everywhere. Syracuse, I anticipate is much slower paced with families in large wards and houses. With the students transferring in from the globe, I will miss the diversity, and the feeling that I am a teaching at the United Nations.

It has been interesting to see how things have changed on my mission. I have realized that I can be pretty ignorant. I thought a one point that I would be done "learning" after 6 months in the field, and could then just "teach" working in a missionary groove, but as I have prayed, and as I have talked to people about this new area I realize that more trials are yet to come. I wonder if I have experienced my hardest moments on my mission or if they are yet to come. These learning experiences are never over.

It is exhausting and pointless to trust only in yourself. We need the Lord. We cannot get though life without Him. How do we get this strength? Easy! He give it to us in blessings as we keep the commandments and follow His words as closely as we can. If life is tough, then it is time to buckle down even more. It is important to kick it up in gear and give more energy to being a disciple of Christ. Have more "mighty" prayers with God (Enos 1:4)! We can only receive blessings based on our ability to keep the commandments...(D&C 130:20-21). Diligence is working hard, giving it your all even when you are tired and all you can think of is going home to take a bubble bath. It is often only as we push that final extra mile, when we do as so many prophets have suggested to "forget about yourself and loose yourself in the work" that we see the blessings of heaven unfold before us.

I have been taught and learned these things before, but only at surface level. Now the Lord is teaching me at a deeper level. A level that will drastically effect my life, perspective and testimony.

Isaiah 64:8 ~"Thou art our father, we are the clay, and thou our potter, and we all are the work of thy hand."

I am in a time of molding and I just have to be malleable enough to allow him to work his magic. It is sometimes hard to be malleable. I am working at it though.....still in this "learning experience".

I am truly enjoying this experience, not just enduring it. I love my mission. I love the growth as difficult as it might be at times. Everyone should serve a mission! It changes lives!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another one bites the dust!

What did one muffin say to the other muffin?
Muffin One: Its Hot in Here
Muffin Two: WOW- A talking muffin!

Joke of the day! HAHA

We had another baptism! I look up to our investigators. Their desire and dedication is often unparalleled to many others. They are incredible in their desire to do good. This week the sister that was baptized was nervous before the ordinance, but afterwards she was calm and so happy. The spirit was so strong. Her confirmation was amazing as her blessing testified of the impact she will have on her ward and on her family. The gospel truly changes lives!

My perspective on addictions has changed recently. One of our other investigators who has a strong desire to get baptized, is fighting smoking. Smoking is bad news. Seeing her go through something so difficult-- Addictions are powerful. I have been able to see how turning to the Lord has helped her in this daily, and sometimes hourly battle. The Lord is mindful of our struggles.

This week has been difficult. Both Sister Falemoa and I have gotten sick. And that is just plain no fun at all to be stuck inside. It was nice to catch up on some sleep- but I feel like such an apostate missionary for sleeping. I guess we started to look tired and sick though because right in the middle of our stake president interviews he asked us how we were feeling cause we look tired. Not a good sign. :) But it was really nice to see the love and generosity of the stake president because he then asked us when the last time we got a blessing, and when was the last time we put our own names in the temple. I didnt know you could do that- so we told him never, and he immediatly told us that he was calling both the Ogden and Logan temples to put our names in. I wanted to cry because this week has definitely been draining physically, emotionally, and spiritually. His care and thought for us allowed me to feel so much of Gods love.

Because I was sick one of the Elders gave me a blessing. I am so grateful for the priesthood and the power it has to continue to help us in the work. The priesthood power is real, and takes incredible faith to feel that this is truly Gods power used to bless his children. I have been thinking alot about the priesthood- because that is the main concern for one of our investigators. I am learning lots.

Transfers are this next week. Its nice to have another transfer up though because I feel like it is a fresh new start to the work again. Especially because I feel like I have been here for a while. I realize I have been depending on my own strength this transfer which has just made me tired and frustrated. It is when we rely on the Lord that we see miracles and the blessings. Our campanionship can be working so much more effectivley with the Lord leading it, doing it His way. The list of things to work on is endless and we are seeing how we can truly use the atonement in out lives DAILY to become better missionaries and servants in the Lords hands.

I love you all bunches! Hope all is well. Keep at the missionary work! It has such great miracles and blessings behind it!

Sister Meldrum

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life is like a box of chocolates!

We are doing great! We have already bought BAGS of hand-warmers. The good thing about being in Utah is that we teach so much we are not trackting outside hours at a time. It is just running from one apartment to the next. I wear tons of layers! Yoga pants, tights, socks, thermals, sweaters, jackets...etc. I know I look skinner in the summer just because there aren't so many layers!

I really like being honest to my personality while on my mission. Missionaries aren't perfect, and it is exhausting to try to make everything perfect. It is also true that when you put on a "holier than thou" attitude it turns people off and away and they wont listen to anything you have to say. When other people see you as yourself; for example a 21 year old girl who believes in something enough to give her time and energy away, talking to people about her beliefs without pretense or agenda, but just being real, and perhaps a little quirky, people pay attention and listen because they see that if the gospel truly works for her, then it might truly work for me. When people begin to think about if the gospel is true, that gives the spirit a chance to teach and testify. Satan really tries to make us doubt where we came from and the values we have. The Lord lets us see our diving heritage. We often share Jeremiah 1:5. This is where the Lord is calling Jeremiah to be a prophet, and says that He knew him before he was born. I like how it says, "Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee." Maybe it is just scripture language, but I was thinking one day that as we pray we use formal language to show respect to the Lord, and the Lord is using that same language as he speaks to us. He loves us and sees us for what we can become.

I am still working hard. I definitely have learned that the Lord expects obedience and then He can show us the blessings. Sometimes it is hard, but it is SO worth it!!!

Love you all bunches! Talk to you soon.

Your not so frozen, still smiling and learning tons missionary.