Saturday, March 27, 2010

It is SO much warmer outside of Logan!

Hello Family!

Easter? You mean there is a holiday coming up?!?! I lose track of those anymore these days. It is weird being in Syracuse. Families are everywhere! Huge houses! with Yards! and Children! and Old People! I am not at USU anymore!

I am still adjusting, and Syracuse is good, but USU campus was a totally different type of missionary work. I have no IDEA how to be effective now.

So the first day here we had a baptism. It is always fun to see those getting baptized and even though I didn't know the girl getting baptized this time, I am excited to keep teaching her and her mom. I have missed that part of teaching. Teaching families is after all what the gospel is all about.

There is a lot of work to do here. It is hard for me to see it sometimes because of all the baptisms, but we are in the "finding time". It is harder to get out unplanned contacts here too because there are not as many people on the streets as there are on a college campus. We really have to go out of our way to talk to people on the street. But with summer coming up there should be more people outside.

This new library has time limits, so my time is cut short, but I love you all, and I know that God is personally mindful of all of us. I started the Book of Mormon over again and there is such a power in that book. Please, Please never let your testimony of the Book of Mormon become static! In our complacency we will lose the value of the truth that we have! If you have not prayed about it recently, and asked God if it is true then do it! We continue to learn and grow as we do it again and again!

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