Monday, April 26, 2010

Aloha Family!

I feel bad for complaining about my toe- It made me a little tense and stressed yes- but it is feeling much better. thanks for putting it up on the blog.. :) That will be fun to look through one day. Its going to be a nice little journal.

PS- what do you mean mom milking it for all its worth to wear sandals?? You know me a little too well.... :) I am starting to wear shoes again, for as long as I can before they hurt.

But really, how is it that you know EXACTLY what I need to hear each week??? Its like little spirit rebuking. I feel like the more I am on my mission, the more I realize how much more I have to learn, to change, and really apply the gospel principles to my life. There never is a destination point when you can say "I got it!" huh?

I realize I never really tell you much about the work, and that I just pop out names when they get baptized. Those are the elect ones, I need to talk about the work more I think. There are a lot of blessings we see. A lot of things to do. This week- our district leader challenged our district to get 100 unplanned contacts as a district in a day. That means 25 per companionship. Well our normal goal is 10- so 25 seemed like alot... and we were LITERALLY running around the town- stopping EVERYONE we see to talk about Jesus. And we made our goal!!! total was 102!! It was really exciting. It cheered up our spirits, and really brought in the spirit of missionary work. That is what I want everyday! As a result of the hard work, we set up a few new investigator lessons, and found a handful of potentials. :)

Love, Sister Meldrum

It's Tuesday!

It SNOWED!!!! in APRIL!!! I think I am going into shock. The funny thing is, I am wearing sandals!!! The one time I get to wear sandals, and it snows.

I didn't preface this very well. Let me start over.

My big toe was hurting... so I had Sister Sutter and her mom who happens to be a nurse look at it. Her opinion was that I had an ingrown toenail. Yeah, that is fun. So it was off to Odgen with another sister from the mission who thought she also had an ingrown toenail. Little did we know we would be going in for "wisdom teeth EXTRACTIONS on our feet!!! I had two ingrowns and now my foot wont stop bleeding. :(

The doctor said not to wear dress shoes. I looked at him for a while, and I must have given him a weird look because all I could do was think to myself, "What am I supposed to do now? wear tennis shoes????"

I called a member in the ward and she is lending me her "Sunday sandals". Here I am in borrowed shoes in the snow with a toe that wont stop bleeding!!!! BUT, I have a smiling face. Part of me feels that I am completely useless. I feel that the work is going on without me. I only have a short time left on this mission and I cannot afford to wast time sitting on my rump! send me to Ogden! Most of the people there don't have limbs! I will fit in just fine!

The area is slow, so pray, pray, pray for peoples hearts to be softened and things to pick up. I am getting restless.... I am praying for charity with the area. Is it bad to pray for finacial unrest to humble the saints???

There have been little miracles all along the way though. That is incredible to me. Random contacts that we made, member invited, or finding a new investigator. I know they are miracles and not me doing anything, but trusting in the Lord. It is a testimony to me of the power of prayer and power in the scriptures. When you don't want to do anything, and are so tired and want to give in, you can find strength in the message that we carry, and in the name that is our our tags. How grateful and i that this is not my work, but that we get the chance to participate and to help "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man."

Thanks for praying for me... thanks for all you do! I really feel it's strength and know it has helped sustain and support me through hard times.

I love you guys!


Sister Meldrum


I had the opportunity to have Easter dinner with the Dave and Colleen Hunsaker. (my sister Tiffiny's in-laws) It was odd to see pictures of Tiff and Dave and kids on their wall. It would be fun if they were in my immediate area, but they are actually 2 areas away. Colleen said that she would take us to the temple on Tuesday. I told her that if she ever wanted to be a missionary that she could come out with us everyday!!! :)

I heard about Steve's man cave for General Conference. I laughed at the visual of him and Anastasia and Ereland. I wish I could still play the conference bingo games I remember playing as a kid. We made some for the kids we are teaching, hoping that their parents would let them watch conference.

I was able to go to conference!!! It was through miracle tickets we were able to attend the Sunday morning session. It was weird to cross the mission boundary and leave!!! YIKES!!! But we had permission. Next time I have the chance to go it will be my last General Conference before coming home, so I will be able to go with the mission. I will have been able to go to the conference center for each conference while on my mission. HOLLA!!! I love serving in Utah! Sunday morning was such a powerful session. There seemed to be so much testimony of our Savior. It brought a peach and comfort that I was particularly craving. There was so much I needed to hear and I am glad most of our investigators had the chance to listen to it.

Previously, we had been blessed with a lot of baptisms, but now we are in the finding stage.

On a side note, two of the investigators we are teaching decided to buy 50 chickens!!! We are helping them out, and finding others to help them with the up and coming hard work. We also helped a family move. I hate to admit it, but I am thankful for the work I had to do as a kid. It is helpful to know what to do, and just get in a do it without having to wait for someone to come and tell me what to do next.

We are staying really busy and teaching about 20 lessons a week. I continue to miss USU even though the family wards are good.

Things are going well. I love being a missionary! Love ya!

Sister Meldrum