Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breanna the Brave!

"This last week has been a riot and a half. It's been crazy too. Let's just start it off with a bang...I went to the hospital on Wednesday. :)

I wish I was lying, but I really am not. I totally (and when I say totally, I mean TOTALLY) crashed on my bike...Right in front of Denny's. We are running late to a lesson, and I went to move from the bike lane, on the road, to the sidewalk, and I hit the edge of the sidewalk just right so that my bike went one way and I went the other. I flew far and fast straight into the concrete. Skirt and legs in the air -- chin first. It's a miracle that my bike helmet (held together by duct tape) did its job and saved my skull. I kinda just sat there for a second and Sister Graves was freaking out -- looking for a bandaid or something. But, a bandaid wouldn't do its job on this little number. So she gave me a receipt to hold to my bloody chin and we hobbled into the Denny's bathroom. It's kind a gross, blood and black skid marks on me. I just sat down with Sister Graves on the phone, changing our appointment, calling the doctor who said to go to the hospital, and a ride to get us there. If I am ever really dying, I definitely DO NOT want it to be in a Denny's Bathroom!

I've now got some stitches. They x-rayed my hand to make sure it wasn't broken (they thought it might be, but it wasn't) and every doctor that sees me says, 'Oh they are letting sisters on bikes now?' Haha. Since it was proslyting hours, Sister Graves was contacing the nurse that was cleaning off my face. Kinda funny. I had to go to the dentist too to make sure the collision didn't move my jaw, or bite. It didn't, thank goodness.

So the moral of the story...make sure you pray before you leave the house, wear a helmet, and say lots grateful prayers. :) ALL IS WELL. And I am back on the bike. I didn't even cry through the WHOLE thing! I get the stitches out sometime this week, I think. Enjoy the pictures..."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


"So, some things I have recently learned...HUMILITY. It is so much more than saying, 'I am dirt, and I can't do this on my own.' That was my ignorant view of it before. This last transfer has taught me in a whole new light. I was reading Preach My Gospel one day during personal study and it hit me like a rock. (Some angel from heaven has a good arm, let me tell ya!) Anyways, as I read it, I realized that as we FOLLOW the will of the Lord we are showing him that we are humble. Submitting to the will of the Lord means that as I walk down the street and feel prompted to talk to someone, that I am being prideful if I don't When I do, I am showing the Lord that I trust His plan. Then the Lord is able to to provide us with more miracles. How incredible is that? Trusting on the Lord takes a lot. You really have to put aside personal fear, laziness, and lack of confidence. Turn those things over to the Lord. That is how he strengthens us. Like in Esther 12:27...that concept and idea helps me work a lot harder and better.

So in other news, Utah gardens are in full harvesting! We have enough squash to feed a small army. We really only have time to cut them up and stir fry them. But let me tell you, IT IS GOOD! Sister Graves saw a sign in the grocery store last Tuesday that made her think of me. It said, 'I don't even butter my bread because I consider that cooking!' HAHA I promise I can cook, just not on a mission. Too crazy -- no time. Don't worry, I surprisingly eat healthy. Lots of veggies, sandwiches, etc. oh and don't forget my Flintstone vitamins!

I am loving life...seriously. Mission life is the best!"