Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another one bites the dust!

What did one muffin say to the other muffin?
Muffin One: Its Hot in Here
Muffin Two: WOW- A talking muffin!

Joke of the day! HAHA

We had another baptism! I look up to our investigators. Their desire and dedication is often unparalleled to many others. They are incredible in their desire to do good. This week the sister that was baptized was nervous before the ordinance, but afterwards she was calm and so happy. The spirit was so strong. Her confirmation was amazing as her blessing testified of the impact she will have on her ward and on her family. The gospel truly changes lives!

My perspective on addictions has changed recently. One of our other investigators who has a strong desire to get baptized, is fighting smoking. Smoking is bad news. Seeing her go through something so difficult-- Addictions are powerful. I have been able to see how turning to the Lord has helped her in this daily, and sometimes hourly battle. The Lord is mindful of our struggles.

This week has been difficult. Both Sister Falemoa and I have gotten sick. And that is just plain no fun at all to be stuck inside. It was nice to catch up on some sleep- but I feel like such an apostate missionary for sleeping. I guess we started to look tired and sick though because right in the middle of our stake president interviews he asked us how we were feeling cause we look tired. Not a good sign. :) But it was really nice to see the love and generosity of the stake president because he then asked us when the last time we got a blessing, and when was the last time we put our own names in the temple. I didnt know you could do that- so we told him never, and he immediatly told us that he was calling both the Ogden and Logan temples to put our names in. I wanted to cry because this week has definitely been draining physically, emotionally, and spiritually. His care and thought for us allowed me to feel so much of Gods love.

Because I was sick one of the Elders gave me a blessing. I am so grateful for the priesthood and the power it has to continue to help us in the work. The priesthood power is real, and takes incredible faith to feel that this is truly Gods power used to bless his children. I have been thinking alot about the priesthood- because that is the main concern for one of our investigators. I am learning lots.

Transfers are this next week. Its nice to have another transfer up though because I feel like it is a fresh new start to the work again. Especially because I feel like I have been here for a while. I realize I have been depending on my own strength this transfer which has just made me tired and frustrated. It is when we rely on the Lord that we see miracles and the blessings. Our campanionship can be working so much more effectivley with the Lord leading it, doing it His way. The list of things to work on is endless and we are seeing how we can truly use the atonement in out lives DAILY to become better missionaries and servants in the Lords hands.

I love you all bunches! Hope all is well. Keep at the missionary work! It has such great miracles and blessings behind it!

Sister Meldrum

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Life is like a box of chocolates!

We are doing great! We have already bought BAGS of hand-warmers. The good thing about being in Utah is that we teach so much we are not trackting outside hours at a time. It is just running from one apartment to the next. I wear tons of layers! Yoga pants, tights, socks, thermals, sweaters, jackets...etc. I know I look skinner in the summer just because there aren't so many layers!

I really like being honest to my personality while on my mission. Missionaries aren't perfect, and it is exhausting to try to make everything perfect. It is also true that when you put on a "holier than thou" attitude it turns people off and away and they wont listen to anything you have to say. When other people see you as yourself; for example a 21 year old girl who believes in something enough to give her time and energy away, talking to people about her beliefs without pretense or agenda, but just being real, and perhaps a little quirky, people pay attention and listen because they see that if the gospel truly works for her, then it might truly work for me. When people begin to think about if the gospel is true, that gives the spirit a chance to teach and testify. Satan really tries to make us doubt where we came from and the values we have. The Lord lets us see our diving heritage. We often share Jeremiah 1:5. This is where the Lord is calling Jeremiah to be a prophet, and says that He knew him before he was born. I like how it says, "Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee." Maybe it is just scripture language, but I was thinking one day that as we pray we use formal language to show respect to the Lord, and the Lord is using that same language as he speaks to us. He loves us and sees us for what we can become.

I am still working hard. I definitely have learned that the Lord expects obedience and then He can show us the blessings. Sometimes it is hard, but it is SO worth it!!!

Love you all bunches! Talk to you soon.

Your not so frozen, still smiling and learning tons missionary.