Tuesday, August 10, 2010


"So, some things I have recently learned...HUMILITY. It is so much more than saying, 'I am dirt, and I can't do this on my own.' That was my ignorant view of it before. This last transfer has taught me in a whole new light. I was reading Preach My Gospel one day during personal study and it hit me like a rock. (Some angel from heaven has a good arm, let me tell ya!) Anyways, as I read it, I realized that as we FOLLOW the will of the Lord we are showing him that we are humble. Submitting to the will of the Lord means that as I walk down the street and feel prompted to talk to someone, that I am being prideful if I don't When I do, I am showing the Lord that I trust His plan. Then the Lord is able to to provide us with more miracles. How incredible is that? Trusting on the Lord takes a lot. You really have to put aside personal fear, laziness, and lack of confidence. Turn those things over to the Lord. That is how he strengthens us. Like in Esther 12:27...that concept and idea helps me work a lot harder and better.

So in other news, Utah gardens are in full harvesting! We have enough squash to feed a small army. We really only have time to cut them up and stir fry them. But let me tell you, IT IS GOOD! Sister Graves saw a sign in the grocery store last Tuesday that made her think of me. It said, 'I don't even butter my bread because I consider that cooking!' HAHA I promise I can cook, just not on a mission. Too crazy -- no time. Don't worry, I surprisingly eat healthy. Lots of veggies, sandwiches, etc. oh and don't forget my Flintstone vitamins!

I am loving life...seriously. Mission life is the best!"

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