Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sisters Meldrum & Martin...Both from Texas... :)
"Arise Spectacular" in Ogden

Hiking Ben Lomond

Ogden District

"So Pioneer day has come and gone. The Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo was in our area! Holla! But yes, Pioneer day with the flags and fireworks was nuts! Bigger than the 4th! But a whole lot of fun. It was pretty sweet because one of our recent converts (from TEXAS) wanted to cook us "real Texan food" for the two Texas sisters and oh boy oh boy, I have never had slow cooked pulled pork like THAT before. I was salivating from the start of dinner to the end of it. So scrumptous!!

I was listening to my music the other day and we have an "EFY" style version of "Be Still My Soul." I think that is going to be the transfer theme song. I have never really paid attention to the words in that song, yet how profound they are:

'Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side. With patience bear the cross of grief and pain. Lean to they God to order and provide. In every change, He faithful will remain.'

What a testimony that is, no matter what we are going through, no matter how we feel, in EVERY change, He (the Lord) will faithfully be there for us. He can help us and provide, He is on our side to help us out. Yes, it's true, I love that song! I need that song this transfer."

The pictures are from the Ben Lomond hike. It took us 7 hours! It was 16 miles and I don't even know how high we climbed, but it was intense. This is the mountain that Paramount Pictures uses as their logo. The other pictures are from the "Arise Spectacular." 33 Stakes of youth got together for a half-time show-- Olympics style. We got to participate. We also got to march in the 24th July Parade. President and Sister Olson rode in a car! It was all good!

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