Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey Y'all!

We have been blessed hand over foot. We have seen 4 baptisims this weekend!!! They were all amazing and lots of fun. One girl is already at girls camp, the couple wants to know how long they have to wait until they can do baptisms in the temple, and the boy that was baptized is nervous to pass the sacrament because he might trip and fall. I didn't realize how many young boys are scared of that. I can honestly say that that thought never even crossed my mind.

Amongst the joy, Satan has been working harder to get us down. I have been emotional lately, like a teenage girl. I lost my planner, and I love my planners cause they are a super cool record of my mission, and I love the covers I made for this transfer..... and then I lost it. I still can't find it, and I am trying not to think about it because it makes me angry. Oh well, get off my back Satan.

We went hiking last P-day. I have decided that I love hiking. I now realize that I did quite a bit of it when I was at college. There was one summer in our ward in Regency when we went every weekend. It makes me want to go camping. The sister's sleepover is coming up and I want to see if we can sleep on President's deck outside instead of inside. That would be awesome!

We are working hard. There is a large hispanic population here, and a really yummy mexican bakery right around the corner. Oh, my!!! I have learned the days in spanish because every day there is a different sale on their baked goods. 4 conchas for 75 cents!! (But only on "martes") Jueves has different goodies!

Time is up, but things are good, love you bunches!
Sister Meldrum

In another previous letter.....

Hello there everyone... one and all, small and whiney, short and fat, bald and tall, happy and grumpy, sneazy, sleepy, etc....
So, I pretty much LOVE MY LIFE! Seriously! Life as a missonary in Ogden is the BEST! One of my FAVORTIE parts of my mission is meeting people I know that I would have never meet otherwise, talking about things that I would have never brought up in other situations, and laughing along side all different shapes and sizes of the children of God. We were street contacting people a few days ago and we ran into Budah, and Floosie! Yes, in the FLESH! Are you wondering who these two people are? You mean you have not hear of them??? They are "Jesus rappers". Budah is a big black guy and Floosie is a white guy who was raised mormon. Well, we get talking to these two, and they are like "Yall work for Jesus? We sing for Jesus!" and proceeded to freestyle for us. then they burned us a CD of their latest, "One True King" (AKA- Jesus). Its pretty good. Nothing like I have ever heard... Its amazing. Needless to say that we are trying to keep the listening to a minimum on the mission, but our zone leader and district leader LOVED it and asked for copies... so I guess its all good right? :)

Dad, don't you fret about the homless... Smiley has the right motives. He KNOWS its true... the sad thing is, He walked away from his baptism. It's something he has been looking forward to for such a long time and then when the time came he just didnt know how to take that step... he got scared. We have been looking for him, but its hard to find a homeless man on the streets. I have learned so much from Smiley. He is one of my favorites. He has been through alot and relies on the Lord a lot.

I am also impressed with Elder Uctdorf's talk at conference. The Story about the "can food mormons", I tend to see that in Ogden. We have had several "Ogden" trainings that talk about welfare. And weather a persons motives are Celestial or not, the Brethren have instructed us that if someone wants to get baptized and are living the commandments in order to make these promises with God, to do so. Some bishops that I have worked with question our motives... if we are only out here to "get numbers" (luckily not here in Ogden, the know welfare inside and out, and what is approriate) but in the situations there have been questions if baptism is a right step for a person, esp where recent converts become less active almost immediatly after their baptism. but stop and think about this, BAPTISM IS RIGHT FOR EVERYONE! EVERYWHERE!!! The covenant of Baptism is so important, that the Brethren have told us to proceed; and the with the watchful eye of the church the chance they these children might be "found again" are higher. God watches out for his children, and blesses them continually for making that step. Life is a road- and we ALL need to take that first step.

Other good news! We are getting TWO new sisters! We have not gotten sisters for about 6 months!!!! One spanish sister (I mean she is white- but is speaking espanol) and an english sister. HOLLA! Sister Martin and I will be staying in O-town though. Pres. already told us even though we have 1/3 of the transfer left.

Ok, I am really signing off now...
I love you! have a GREAT AND AMAZING week!

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