Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"There's a snake in my boots..."

September 14, 2010

First off -- a few weeks ago, like two, I get this call from the Pleasant View Sisters and they say, "Hey Sister Meldrum, do you want to have an adventure on P-Day?" And well, me, being me -- I definitely say YES! So...

I went to Pleasant View for a few hours. When we pulled up to the house, there was a 17 foot BOA in the yard...LOOSE- just snaking along and slithering in the grass like a giant worm on the sidewalk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH-- I didn't sign up for this!! Yes, the monthly feeding of the snake was happening and I got to be an eye witness. Meal time was the brown fluffy bunny/full grown rabbit. Don't you fret -- snakes have to eat too!

Anyways, all the sisters held the snake, and even I got up the guts to do so as well. For the first few seconds it was ok, but then I realized I had a HUGE SNAKE around my neck and I think the picture explains it all...

So a little about Weber State...It's a rough area. It's hard OPENING an area up...nothing to go off of , etc. But the Lord has completely humbled me and I know that this is where he wants me. We have been praying SO SO SO hard to find those that are ready, and we have been working so hard and its been amazing to see how as we do so, the Lord puts us in the right path to meet those that are ready. We have several new investigator lessons this week! I am so excited! I feel the growth changing areas. I fall in love with my mission the more I am here. How greatful I am that it was within the will of God to allow me to serve.

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  1. Breanna Meldrum.. just wanted you to know that I am the absolute worst friend in the world and I haven't written you a single letter... not one.. Epic Fail... but i do want to tell you that I miss you! an dI love you!!