Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quick update and hello!

I am finding that if I don't write everything down that I want to share in my letters, when I sit down to the computer just like magic I forget everything. But curiously, just as I stand up to leave, I remember it all. Just the way my mind works I suppose, so I have become a fan of lists. I really like my missionary planner. It keeps my life in organized, and just like mom always quoted Gordon B. Hinckley, "A messy room leads to messy lives and we are not a messy church!" Our Father in Heaven likes order, so we should too!
I am also learning that missions can be emotional roller coasters. I haven't had a bad day, but we definitely work hard. There are harder days when it is difficult to see some of the people we are teaching stall, and stop progressing. But then there are those lessons and moments that the spirit blesses us with the spirit and gives us such joy! It has been incredible to feel the love that our Father has for His children. I feel blessed to be in a situation where I am a representative of Jesus Christ, and in part share and feel of His love for us.
Sister Meldrum

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