Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Leaving the MTC!

So I am getting ready to get on the bus to leave the MTC! Can you believe it has been 3 weeks already? I sure can't. We leave in about an hour...
Sister Meldrum = Nervous!
Yikes! I mean this whole time we have been teaching "investigators". But they are really members, who although do an emmy performance of acting, are still are sweet members that do not hate us, kick us, bite us, or any other form of harm. Tonight though I will be speaking to real people! I mean.... REAL! I am not saying members are not physically real people, .... but I think you get my drift.
There is a feeling of excitment though. I am happy to be here. The experience I have had in the MTC is incredible. Our district has been wonderful and my companion, Sister Sutter is amazing. She was a wonderful companion to have! I look up to her a lot in her example of patience and quiet dignity.
The spirit of the MTC is powerful and strong. Unlike what I have experienced this far in my life. It reminds me of the temple. It is like living in a church house and getting AWESOME sunday school lessons 24/7. The Lords hand is here at the MTC, training and teaching his missionaries to recognize the spirit, build faith, and proclaim his message!
I had to say goodbye to mi Hermana Erin Jones today at breakfast. It was sad... I cried a little bit... and then my Elders made fun of me. Silly Boys. I bet they cried themselves to sleep last night. :)
Tonight will be exciting. I am anxious to see what we do, excited to meet President Olson, find out who my trainer is, find out where I will be serving, etc!
I still cannot believe I am on a mission! Really? I mean Really??? But every morning I wake up still at the MTC, and I put that name tag on. Yes! I am a missionary!
One thing that has really hit me here in the MTC is the power and authority of my call. I have felt the significance of being called by a Prophet of God. The Lord is entrusting me with his message to facilliate teaching it to his children. I am only 21 and yet I am entrusted with this great work and responsibility! I feel very much like Ether 12:27 where it says, "Weak things will be made strong." I know that as long as I am doing my best and working hard the Lord will help us in His work.
I am an official representative for the church... for the Lord! I am here to declare His word! On my name tag it is cool to see Sister Meldrum written on the top line, but my name is not near as important as the name written below that.
I have also learned that it is not enough to go on a mission, but we must let the mission go through us. We do not BECOME a missionary when we get set apart. We become a missionary by our thoughts, actions and deeds. We should strive daily to live the example of Christ, that through our actions others might want to become more like him, want to know of him, and follow him. There is light in his message and joy that lies in store beyond what we can imagine. Its pretty much amazing!
Well, have fun, almost time to go! I love you and miss you!!
Dont forget your name! Remember who you are! Don't forget to buckle up! :)
Sister Meldrum

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