Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Go Team Odgen!!!

Hello Family!!!

Can I just say that I already miss you so much! The MTC is crazy though! It keeps you really busy so that is good. It reminds me a lot of EFY. Every second planned out and no time for yourself. I am perfecting getting ready in 30 minutes, and believe it or not, I am not the slow one getting ready.

My companions name is Sis. Sutter. She is from Pennsylvania. We get along really well. Our roommates are a riot too! It is hard to go to sleep at night when we are planning a new hit musical "The mission". Watch for in it about 18 months! It will be great! ...anyways....

There are five of us in the room- two are going to Thailand (sister Webb and sister Meyers) and one is going to Cambodia (sister Harlan). Sister Sutter and I are going to Ogden. So it is a weird little mix- but life is good. I still feel great about Ogden and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. It is definitely a call for me.

I get to see my old roommate Sister Erin Jones all the time! She lives a few doors down from me. I love seeing her here especially after all the preparation and studying we did as we got ready for missions. How cool it is that now we are here together too! She has been here for four weeks and will leave in 5. hehe... I only have two left!

I am doing fine physically- besides the fact that MTC food gives you gas. But from what I hear, you get use to that. hehe. At first, it was hard to fall asleep at night. 10:30 is so early!!! I am getting use to that too. Especially after waking up at 6:30 in the morning! And now they have just hired on a girl to do workout classes in the morning at 6 just for the sisters. So my comp and I go to those so we don’t have to go to gym with the elders later in the day- we can use that time to nap. Its great- but the downside is we get up even earlier!

Our district has 7 elders in it. We are all going to Ogden. And there is another district with four more elders that are going to Ogden that came in the same day as us. How cool is that!?!?! Go team OGDEN!!!

I have really felt how exciting missionary work is! I am loving it so far. It is hard though. It makes you stretch outside your comfort bubble- but that is ok- after EFY that was pretty much shot anyways. I think I am adjusting to mission life easier that I had expected- and better than some others that came in the same time as us.

I am the senior companion in my companionship- but I don’t do much. There are not too many responsibilities in the MTC and we are a companionship so we work as a team on everything. So it is such a great blessing that Sister Sutter and I work so well together. Some of the other companionships in our district have had a hard time.

There are two elders also from TX- small world. They are fun. Elder Christensen from Waco and Elder Hughes from San Antonio. So yeah- we have a Texas club- even though I am not from there... kinda.

I am learning a lot from everyone here though- (even the elders- although they are 19 and sometimes you can definitely tell!) You can even tell a difference between those that went to school before their missions and those that didn’t. We are blessed with a good district though. We are all starting to get a hold of how things run. But we don’t have much time here. It is so important to use every moment wisely. That way in two weeks when we head off we are prepared.

I had a cool experience in the Referral center- but I am out of time- so I got to hurry. The short of it- Gloria from GA is great! I will have to write you later and tell you more about that!

The clock is ticking so- I wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! I pray for you daily and hope for the best! Love each other and don’t forget... Jesus Loves you!

Sister Meldrum

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