Saturday, March 26, 2011

Only a Few Days Left....

March 23, 2011

Yesterday was the departing missionaries temple trip to Salt Lake City. We went to the temple (Wow -- that place is unlike any other temple!) We spent from 9 - 5 and took every tour imaginable. I w as the only sister missionary on the trip, so it was a little wierd. There was one elder there that I have NEVER seen before. What? A year and a half- and I have never seen him and we are both leaving together. Kind of funny. I guess he has never served around sister before. He didn't know ANY of them. There were a few of the elders on the trip that I knew really well from USU, or Ogden or Syracuse. So it was a fun trip.

I really enjoyed the temple yesterday. SLC is like a giant maze. There were little temple workers everywhere telling me I was going in the wrong direction. If I wasn't the only sister I could have found my way to the dressing rooms easier -- but oh well. I made it through. I had a really amazing experience in the celestial room. Made this transition that I am about to go through seem better!

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